Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Identifing mental pattern of women managers from derailment barriers in Iran    Ph.D    Naserinezhad, Elaheh    2018-09-17
2    Investigating the moderating Role of Infrastructure and organizational learning Capacities in the Relationship between Corporate Governance and Organizational Performance (Case of: Food Industry Companies in Toos Industrial Estate)    M.Sc.    parsaie, reza    2018-07-10
3    Effect of Altruistic Leadership on Innovative Behavior, through Altruism of Employees and Knowledge-sharing Behavior    M.Sc.    raoof, amirhosein    2018-07-08
4    Identifying the effective HR strategies through the best practices approach in small and medium-sized knowledge base enterprises by using Delphi Method    M.Sc.    kaldani, zahra    2018-05-29
5    Investigating The Effect Of Job Characteristics On Employee’s Motivation Through The Moderating Role Of Empowerment Leadership Style And Justice In Pay Perception In Khorasan Regional Electric Company    M.Sc.    tabandeh, majid    2018-05-27
6    Identifying and explaining the antecedents of proactive behavior in Automotive parts industry Khorasan Razavi    Ph.D    kahrobaei, sara    2018-05-22
7    Investigating the effect of fun at work on innovative work behavior through the mediating role of employee involvement and absorptive capacity in the fashion industry    M.Sc.    Hashemizade, Omolbanin    2018-05-20
8    Investigating the effect of Affective Commitment on Resistance to Change through the mediating role of Attitudes toward Change and Readiness for Change among the employees (Case of study: Branches of Mellat Bank of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Sadr, Nafiseh Sadat    2018-05-15
9    The Effect of Perceived Organizational Change and Resistance to Change on Preparing for Change and Success of Change in an Organization with the Moderating Role of Organizational Pessimism (the case of the National Iranian Airlines)    M.Sc.    sezavarzakeran, saeideh    2018-05-13
10    Investigating the effect of entrepreneurial orientation on corporate performance through the mediating role of competency of executives (case: knowledge based enterprise in Mashhad Science and Technology Park`s companies)    M.Sc.    sadeghi, mohsen    2018-05-01
11    .Investigating the effect of virtual social networks on employee’s job performance through role organizational commitment and job satisfaction in the Mashhad Electric Energy Distribution Co    M.Sc.    Behnood, Reza    2018-05-01
12    Increasing the capability of services to customers through improving mobile banking services by employing combination of FMEA and TODIM    M.Sc.    gorouhi, elham    2018-05-01
13    Investigating the effect of percieved organizational variables on pro-environmental behaviors of employees through the environmental attitude.(case study: Mashhad Municipality Employees)    M.Sc.    rashidi kermani, nadia    2018-04-30
14    Evaluating the quality of the services of the e-Learning system of Ferdowsi University using the standard ISO 9126 model and Fuzzy analytical hierarchy process (FAHP)    M.Sc.    kashi toroghi, ramin    2018-04-24
15    Investigating the effect of authentic leadership on turnover intention through the mediator role of workplace incivility and organizational cynicism (Case of: conventional employees of electricity distribution company of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    ghomanjani, abbas    2018-04-24
16    An Study of Prioritization Factors Affecting the Formation of Electronic Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty to Purchase Virtual networks    M.Sc.    tofigh tabrizi, elahe    2018-04-10
17    Discovering behavioral pattern of employees procrastination in Post Bank Iran    Ph.D    nikou, ali asghar    2018-03-11
18    Investigating the effect of sensory innovativeness on innovative behavior through the mediating role of domain specific innovativeness    M.Sc.    kardani, mona    2018-03-04
19    Identifying And Pioritizing The Criteria Which Are Employed To Choose Applicant Companies In Incubator Centers And Assessing Selected Companies (Case Of Study: Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Dehnavi, Samaneh    2018-03-04
20    Investigating the Impact of Marketing strategies on online intention purchase through the mediating role of product quality and price risks and consumer trust in the travel agency in Mashhad.    M.Sc.    dehghani, somaye    2018-03-04
21    Investigating the effect of percieved social capital on employees job burnout by mediating role of job stress (Case of: Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    jani, somayeh    2018-02-13
22    Investigating The effect of employee’s artistic interests and Artistic characteristics of workplace on Creative behavior with the mediating role of emotional intelegence of employees in Strategic Planning departments of Mashhad Municipality    M.Sc.    safa, sohrab    2018-02-13
23    Investigating the effect of employees silence on individual performance through organizational citizenship behavior (Case of employees of branch of Sepah Bank in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    shams, mahshad    2018-02-13
24    Explaining the process model of organizational change risk management in Medical Science Universities    Ph.D    Jahangir, Mostafa    2018-02-06
25    Introducing of Employees Self Development Behavior framework in Khorasan Gaz Companies(Razavi, shomali and jonobi)    Ph.D    momeni, Ahmad    2018-01-16
26    Investigating the effect of employees goal orientation and their self perceived employability on performance with mediating role of employees work engagement (Case of: Nurses of Farabi and Hefdah-e-Shahrivar Hospitals in Mashhad City).    M.Sc.    saberi, elahe    2018-01-09
27    Investigating the effect of internal branding and organizational socialization with organizational citizenship behavior through the mediating role of person-organization fit    M.Sc.    mashreghi, mohammad reza    2018-01-02
28    Investigating effects of entrepreneurial orientation on firm performance through the mediating role of cost leadership. (case of: international freight forwarding firms in Afghanistan.)    M.Sc.    keftanzadah, Danial    2017-10-24
29    Identifing functional effective human resource strategies of NGO's in Razavi Khorasan    M.Sc.    Baghban, iman    2017-10-24
30    Investigating the Effect of Strategic Organizational Thinking on Agility with the Role of Intermediary Business Intelligence among Toos Industrial Town in Mashad    M.Sc.    erfanian parsa, hamid    2017-08-26
31    Exploring The Elements of Intrapreneurship Behavior and its Effects on Organizational Change Acceptance in Selected Private Organizations in Khorasan-e-Razavi Province    Ph.D    monfared, mahmood    2017-07-09
32    Explaning the model of ethical leadership in the islamic repub of Iran defense industry organization and its subsidiary    Ph.D    nouri, seyedreza    2017-07-08
33    Exploring and Classifying the the Actions of Leaders in implementation of Successful Change initiatives: (Case of Part Manufacturing Industry)    Ph.D    JAN NESAR AHMADI, HODA    2017-07-04
34    Explaining the Corporate Governance Model in Iranian Not-For-Profit Organisations    Ph.D    Salari, Salman    2017-06-24
35    Investigating the effect of interactive Environment & Customer Perceived Value on customer Loyalty through the role of customer's satisfaction as a mediator (case of study: Professor Bazima Science Park)    M.Sc.    sadeghian, majid    2017-06-20
36    Policies to change the capacity of hospital equipment to improve the patient's flow through the system dynamics approach    M.Sc.    asghari, vajihe    2017-06-06
37    Examining the effect of perceived quality of healthcare services on patients' loyalty mediated by satisfaction and trust (The case of Pastor Private Hospital)    M.Sc.    Davoodi, Nastaran    2017-05-24
38    Identification and Explanation of Antecedents and Consequences of Psychological Ownership in Iranian Public Service Organizations    Ph.D    Hasiri, Asad    2017-05-24
39    Exploring the Pattern of Cooperate Family Responsibility in Gas Refining Operation Organizations of Iran    Ph.D    zeraatgareborani, omekolsoom    2017-05-21
40    Investigating the effect of perceived innovative organizational climate on innovative behavior through the mediating effect of learning organization (case of : Bank of Industry & Mine’s employees in Iran)    M.Sc.    Abbasi, Mahmoud    2017-05-16
41    Investigating the effect of ethical leadership on innovative behavior through the mediating role of voice behavior and leader-member exchange in knowledge and technology based corporations in Science and Technology Park of Khorasan-e- Razavi    M.Sc.    najibi, malihe    2017-05-16
42    Investigating the mediating role of Individual Innovation on the Relationship between Entrepreneurial Orientation and Job Performance in Sumo Oil Marketing Company in Iraq    M.Sc.    Al-maliki, Nabilah    2017-05-16
43    Designing and explaining a model of unlearning in Agriculture Organization of North Khorasan Province    Ph.D    amani, mahdieh    2017-05-08
44    Exploring the components of managers' greed behavioral and its effect on human and social capital in the workplace of Mashhad Municipality    Ph.D    yaghma, javad    2017-05-03
45    Evaluation of the role of strategic partner and its competencies in Human Resource unit of Public organizations city of Mashhad and its impact on organizational performance    M.Sc.    nekodari, amir    2017-04-23
46    The Mediating Role of Brand Love and Brand Loyalty in Relationship between of Brand Image, Brand Experience, Brand Trust on Positive Word of Mouth (Case of study: Mashad Laether customers)    M.Sc.    naddaf shargh, mojtaba    2017-04-23
47    Evaluation the role of change agent and its competencies in Human Resource unit of Public organizations and its effect on organizational Learning in Mashhad    M.Sc.    rahmani, hediyeh    2017-04-23
48    Effect of job crafting on innovative work behavior with mediation role of person-job fit and innovation trust in employees of R&D units (Case of companies located in the industrial Estate of Toos Mashhad)    M.Sc.    akbari, mehran    2017-04-23
49    Investigating the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility and Customer Value on Marketing Performance with Mediating Role of Corporate Image (Case of Study: Shahr Bank Branches of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    mollazadeh, nooshin    2017-04-18
50    Investigating the moderating role of market turbulence and competitive intensity on the relationship between innovation strategies and business performanc (Case of: Industrial machinery and equipment companies in the city of Tabriz)    M.Sc.    ghaderi khashendaragh, farshad    2017-04-09
51    The design of the formation of fanaticism in the organization    Ph.D    Ziaei Boukani, Ali    2017-03-15
52    Investigating the effect of strategy process (organizational culture and execution of strategy) on organizational performance by mediating role of innovation    M.Sc.    razavizadeh, fatemeh    2017-03-07
53    (Modeling of new product development process and proposing some solutions to improve development time by employing system dynamic approach in a science based company (Case of Nian Electronic Company    M.Sc.    attarmoghaddam, neda    2017-03-07
54    Investigating the effect of work engagement and psychological capital on workplace deviance behaviors through the mediating role of job embeddedness    M.Sc.    yazdani, narjes    2017-02-07
55    Investigating The effect of psychological ownership on innovative behavior by the mediating role of affective commitment (case of : employees of Khorasan Regional Electricity Company)    M.Sc.    Abbasion, Mahdi    2017-01-17
56    Design of Organizational Resilience Pattern: A Grounded Theory Approach    Ph.D    mohammadi shahroodi, Hamed    2017-01-17
57    Investigating the effect of rganizational commitment on erformance by the mediating role of innovation (Case Study: Private Banks in Najaf)    M.Sc.    HASAN, JASIM ALI HASAN    2017-01-01
58    Identifying Risks of Construction Projects Using the Content Analysis Method, Assessing and Prioritizing them with Fuzzy Topsis Technique (Case Study: YAS Commercial Tower, Mashhad)    M.Sc.    akbarzade miri, sina    2016-12-20
59    Exploring Content of Spiritual Leadership and Investigating its Impact on Organizational Health in Public Universities Of North East Of Iran    Ph.D    taghvaee, mahdi    2016-11-29
60    Exploring mental model of experts and managers about readiness for organizational change in Mashhad Municipality    Ph.D    abdollahzadeh, hossein    2016-11-26
61    Investigating the effect of relationship marketing on customer loyalty with the mediating role of customer trust and commitment (Case study Branches of Bank Saman in the city of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Hassanzadeh, Mozhgan    2016-10-25
62    Investigating the Impact of brand communication and brand image on brand loyalty through the mediating role of brand trust (Case of: Costumers of branches of Mellat bank in Mashhad )    M.Sc.    mohammadzade, mohammad    2016-10-05
63    Evaluation of organizational justice dimensions effect on occupational performance with intermediate role of mutual relations of leader and follower (case study: Mashhad water and Sewage)    M.Sc.    talebi, maryam    2016-10-02
64    The effect of trust in employees mediating in the relationship between corporate image and customer loyalty and perceived value (Case Study: Iran khodro after sale services representatives customer in the city of Mashahd)    M.Sc.    mousavi, samaneh    2016-09-13
65    Investigating the effect of service quality, customer satisfaction and customer value on customer loyalty through the mediating role of customer relationship management quality (Case study: Bank Meli 's customers in city of Neyshabour).    M.Sc.    Norouzirad, Mehrnoosh    2016-09-13
66    Comparative study of different age groups based on characteristics of fuzzy Kano model in the mobile phone market (case study: Samsung)    M.Sc.    hoorzad, soroor    2016-09-13
67    Identifying the process of backstabbing behavior and its consequences in public organizations    Ph.D    eslami, ghasem    2016-08-14
68    Investigating Effects of E-CRM on customer-bank Relationship quality:Case study:customers of keshavarzi bank of mashhad    M.Sc.    mehranpoor, nadiyeh    2016-06-28
69    Investigation of the effects of pre-purchase factors of customer experience to increase brand loyalty in Five-star hotels of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Mortazavi, Seyed Javad    2016-06-14
70    Investigating The Impact of Internal Brand on Brand Commitment through the Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction    M.Sc.    gerivani, maryam    2016-06-11
71    Investigating the effect of consumer innovativeness on green consumption behavior with the mediating role of green consumption intention(Case of Cosmetic Consumers in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    shahnoushi, nasrin    2016-05-31
72    The effect of technostress on perceived organizational commitment through mediating role of job satisfaction (Case Study: Central library of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and Mashhad University of Medical Sciences' libraries)    M.Sc.    hashemi nasl, seyed hesam    2016-05-24
73    introducing a model for measuring innovation in bank    M.Sc.    Nosrati, Saeid    2016-05-17
74    Investigating the effects of individual learner characteristics and interactive learning environments on self regulation in e-learning environments through mediating role of perceived usefulness (case of students of Electronic Learning Center of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    ramezani, naeimeh    2016-05-03
75    Examining the intermediate role of Rational Decision Making in Relationship between Top Managers’ Demographic Characteristics and marketing Performance (Case of Study: Food industry executives of Tous Industrial Estate)    M.Sc.    tolunia, shaghayegh    2016-05-03
76    Investigating the effect of Transformational leadership on employee creativity Mediating role of creative self-efficacy and moderating role of knowledge sharing    M.Sc.    khabiri, mohammad    2016-04-19
77    Investigating the mediating role of person-job fit and readiness for service in the relationship between customer orientation and intrepreneriual orientation on employee performance    M.Sc.    Zamanian Nejatzadeh, Farshad    2016-04-05
78    Investigating The effect of affective and cognitive trust on the use of social network and sharing of knowledge on individual learning (case of the Teachers' schools of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    rajabi, maryam    2016-04-05
79    The impact of Entrepreneurial orientation on the performance of knowledge based small and medium enterprise with mediating role of innovation speed (case study: Mashhad Growth centers & Science and Technology Park`s companies)    M.Sc.    hasani rad, parisa sadat    2016-03-08
80    Investigating the impact of fun at work on job satisfaction and work engagement through the mediating role of innovative behavior    M.Sc.    Ranama, Nargess    2016-03-08
81    Investigation The effect of job characteristics on knowledge sharing of experts' Razavi Khorasan Gas Company with the moderating role of personality traits    M.Sc.    maleki, shiva    2016-03-08
82    Investigation the effect of job characteristics on knowledge sharing with the moderating role of Job Attitude ( Job satisfaction and organizational commitments)in khorasan Razavi Gas Company .    M.Sc.    abdolahian, akram    2016-03-08
83    Investigating the factors affecting the desire to use of hospital information systems by nurses (The case of: Taleghani Educational Research and Treatment Center of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    nezami, setareh    2016-02-02
84    Investigating the factors effecting on the readiness of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad to become the Entrepreneurial University    M.Sc.    sadeghi, fereshte    2016-01-19
85    Pathological study of institutions active in the field of cultural diplomacy The Islamic Republic of Iran    M.Sc.    Hashimi, Hossein    2015-12-08
86    Investigating the role of reasonable price as a moderator in the relationship between quality, satisfaction, trust and customer return in health tourism industry (Case of Health tourism in Hospitals in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Parvin Mohebbi, Naeme    2015-10-27
87    Investigating The effect of trust in ISs outsourcing projects success By sharing knowledge (case of study: Mashhad toos industrial town companies)    M.Sc.    abbas abadi, firoozeh    2015-09-27
88    Investigating the impact of market orientation and entrepreneurial orientation on performance of Baghdad banks with moderating role of cultural Dimensions    M.Sc.    MAHMOOD ABDULQADER AL KAMALI, KADHIM    2015-07-04
89    Investigating the relationship between source perceived support,affectivecommitment to company – union and knowledge sharing: case of the employees of fariman sugar factory    M.Sc.    sharey, elnaz    2015-06-27
90    Investigating the Impact of Top Management Role on Performance of Baku Banks Through Entrepreneurial Orientation with Moderating Role of National Culture    M.Sc.    Asgarbayli, Zahra    2015-06-24
91    Investigating the influence of emotional intelligence on creativity via Mediating role of confidence and Perceived co-culture of human creativity among faculty members of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    soufi hassan abad, samira    2015-06-22
92    Investigating the effect of entrepreneurial orientation on export performance with the mediating role of innovation performance and organizational learning capability of the exporter firm's in the city of mashhad.    M.Sc.    sanei, nahid    2015-06-16
93    Investigating the Effects of Human Resource Management Capabilities on Innovation through the Mediating Role of Knowledge Management Capacities (Case: Toos Industrial Zone of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    KAMALI FAHIM, SAEED    2015-06-15
94    The investigation of the impact of the role of managers’ decision-making styles (Rational, Intuitive) as mediators on the relationship between emotional intelligence and innovative behavior (case study: Ferdowsi University of Mashhad managers)    M.Sc.    ghorbanijajarm, zahra    2015-06-02
95    The Investigating Effect of Job Characteristics on Psychological Empowerment with the Moderating Role of need for Growth and Power    M.Sc.    khalili, parvin    2015-05-05
96    Investigating the effect of innovation characteristics and individual characteristics on intention to use of mobile banking with mediating role of customer readiness (case study: user of Saderat mobile banking in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    ataee charmi, mahrooz    2015-05-05
97    The influence of internal marketing on customer-oriented behavior:Through the mediating effect of emotional labor    M.Sc.    banikhalil, bahare    2015-04-07
98    Investigating the role of nurses internal locus of control as an moderator on relationship between job stress with job burnout and job satisfaction    M.Sc.    Hajian, Maryam    2015-03-17
99    investigating the effect of transformational leadership on the employees proenvironmental behaviors through mediating role of autonomous motivation    M.Sc.    tavassoli, mahsa    2015-03-17
100    Design the dynamic model of sustainability assessment of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology in Mashhad Medium and Large sized Industries    M.Sc.    kadkhoda, negar    2015-03-10
101    Generating a selection system of the best knowledge management techniques for improving the project risk management    M.Sc.    Moradpour, Mona    2015-03-10
102    Investigating the Impact of Organizational Change Context Factors on Predicting Pro-change Behavior through the Mediating Role of Organizational Justice.    M.Sc.    Ghorbani, Maliheh    2015-03-10
103    Investigating the effects of firm affective commitment to loyal customers on customers citizenship behavior by mediating role of customers affective commitment to firm    M.Sc.    safehian, jalil    2015-03-09
104    Investigating the effect of job satisfaction and workplace friendship on innovative behavior through the mediating role of knowledge sharing    M.Sc.    vahidi noghani, maryam    2015-03-03
105    Investigating the effect of Emotional intelligence on Entrepreneurial performance by the mediating role of attitude toward entrepreneurship and personality characteristics (case study: corporates of university’s incubator centers of Mashhad )    M.Sc.    arman, mahdi    2015-02-24
106    Investigating the effect of self-Esteem and brand love on purchase intention through the mediating role of brand jealousy among the customers of Apple mobile phones in Mashhad    M.Sc.    LoqmaniDevin, Shokoofe    2015-02-24
107    Investigating the effect of mediateing role of customer orientation on personality traits and innovative behavioral (case study: 4 & 5 stars hotels in Kish Island)    M.Sc.    ghasemi, atena    2015-01-20
108    Investigating the Impacts of Knowledge Management on Mashhad constructral Componies Organizational Performance Through the Mediating Role of Innovation    M.Sc.    Pirata, Babak    2015-01-13
109    Investigating the effect of brand communication and brand experiences in building brand loyalty through the mediating role of brand trust (Case study: Mehr Eqtesad Bank)    M.Sc.    Seyedi, Seyedeh Sara    2014-12-09
110    Investigation the effect of knowledge management capabilities on performance through supplier relationship management in mapna group companies    M.Sc.    BARZANOONI, HASSAN    2014-10-29
111    Investigating The impact of personality on innovative behavior through work engagement in Parsian Insurance Company in Mashhad.    M.Sc.    bagherzadeh, nasibeh    2014-10-28
112    Investigating the Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction on Job Rotation and Divulging Creative Behavior;    M.Sc.    badili, azadeh    2014-09-30
113    Rule of the Health Tourism on the Image Making of the Islamic Republic of Iran in other countriesCase study: Razavi Hospital of Mashhad    M.Sc.    mottaghinejad, mostafa    2014-09-16
114    The effect of emotional intelligence on job performance and job satisfaction of salesperson in carshops with the role of creativity as a mediator    M.Sc.    hassani, rasul    2014-07-08
115    Investigating the relationship between the quality of work life and the performance of Mashhad Bus organization staff    M.Sc.    Karimouee, Hamidreza    2014-07-08
116    Investigating the mediating role of perceived risk in relation between consumer innovation and trust in the use of internet banking    M.Sc.    ghaffarian, marzieh    2014-07-06
117    The impact of working relationships in the via role of intrinsic motivation on creativity of frontlines employees of Iran Insurance Company in North Khorasan    M.Sc.    Hooshmand, Haniyeh    2014-07-01
118    The analysis of moderating role of implementation instrumentality and networking ability in relation between creativity and implementation of ideas (Case of: Taghdis Porcelain company)    M.Sc.    mirtavakoli, somaye    2014-06-10
119    Investigating the effect of partner complementarities of university and industry on knowledge transfer effectiveness with mediating role of partner attributes of university and industry and relationship factors from the university perspective (Case Study: Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    khaleghi, shiva    2014-06-10
120    Investigating the effect of conflict management on employees’ job satisfaction and innovation performance in Korasan Science and Technology Park    M.Sc.    houshmand, fatemeh    2014-05-27
121    Investigating the medeiating role of customer commitment in the relashinship between defensive strategy of Mellat Bank and customer loyalty    M.Sc.    Moshtagh Khorasany, Hosein    2014-05-20
122    Investigating the impact of work engagement on innovative behavior of IT experts: the mediating role of knowledge sharing behavior    M.Sc.    Jahangir, Mostafa    2014-05-06
123    Design the dynamic model of productivity in Mashhad Food and Drink Industry for recognition the productivity's effective factors in their evolutional procedure    M.Sc.    REZAEI GARKANI, NAZANIN    2014-05-06
124    Exploring the influence of green innovation on the success of green new product with the mediating role of Competitive advantage green product in plastic and polymeric industry.    M.Sc.    jandaghi, mahsa    2014-05-06
125    Investigating the Mediating Role of Customer Information Quality in Relationship Between Inter-Organizational Factors and Customer Relationship Performance: (Private Banks Branches Of City of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    ziaee, shahrzad    2014-05-05
126    Measurement the factors affecting on acceptance of ECRM systems    M.Sc.    Javadzadeh Tabatabaei, Javad    2014-05-05
127    Investigating the Effect of Self-Conscious Emotions (Pride, Shame and Guilt) on the Creativity of Ferdowsi University Students    M.Sc.    Garayali, Ali    2014-04-27
128    Investigation the effect of reward systems, intrinsic motivation, and goodwill trust on employee creativity (Case study: Firooze tile corporation)    M.Sc.    attari, farahnaz    2014-04-27
129    Investigating the effects of knowledge sharing on Innovative behavior: analysis the moderating effect of social capital (Case study: Toossab consulting engineering company)    M.Sc.    gholizadeh, soodabeh    2014-03-10
130    Investigating the influence of sale management control on sale performance through mediating role of sale department innovativeness ( the case of firms operating in Mashhad food industry)    M.Sc.    nazemi, heidar    2014-03-10
131    study of success fctors in implementing strategic changes in manufacturing companies    M.Sc.    Balavar, Mohammad Hamzeh    2014-03-10
132    The effect on the success of risk management in the construction industry in Mashhad    M.Sc.    AHMADIAN, BEHZAD    2014-03-04
133    Investigating the moderating role of market dynamics in the relationship between environmental marketing strategies and performance of freight transportation companies in Khorasan Razavi    M.Sc.    Aslami nezhad, Mahnaz    2014-02-05
134    The effect of Organizational capabilities of hotels on their competitive advantage( the mediating role of environmentally) ( case study : 3,4&5 star hotels in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Saleh Nezhad, Vahideh    2014-02-05
135    Exploring the moderating role of organization cultural barriers and personal growth value in the relationship between open-minded context and organization\'s innovation    M.Sc.    Nasserinejad, Elahe    2014-02-04
136    The Investigation of the Mediating Role of Work engagement in Relationship between Psychological Empowerment and Innovative Behavior in The Pharmaceutical Industry of Khorasan Razavi Province    M.Sc.    Faryad, Laiea    2014-02-03
137    The mediating role of service readiness in the relatioinship between interpreneurial orientation and performance of employees    M.Sc.    khodabandeh baygi, aida    2014-01-30
138    BANK    M.Sc.    mirmoeini, hossein    2014-01-30
139    The impact of creative personality and organizational work environments on workers' creative performance (The case of Iran Khodro industrial group)    M.Sc.    ghaffariannia, seyed mahmoud    2014-01-12
140    The comparative investigation of concerning aspects of agility in manufacturing sector and Hotel services (Case study: Manufacturing companies located in the Toos Industrial Estate and the three, four and five star hotels in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Afshar, Amirhossein    2014-01-07
141    Investigation the influence of top management team vision and work team characteristics on innovation in technological firms    M.Sc.    sedighi, navid    2013-12-24
142    Selection of Maintenance Strategies Based on AHP &TOPSIS Technique in Nashhad Urban Railway    M.Sc.    Ehrampoush, hadi    2013-12-09
143    Investigation of the effect of Iranian hotel managers’ perception towards relationship marketing on likelihood use of Customer Relationship Management through the likelihood use of relationship marketing    M.Sc.    Mesbah, Naser    2013-12-07
144    Investigation The effect of service qualitty , product and satisfaction on behavioral of football spectators with sport marketing approach    M.Sc.    shokri ghadikolaie, Reza    2013-11-26
145    investigation of feasibility of the establishment knowledge management in higher education    M.Sc.    nessari, shideh    2013-11-11
146    Identifying the factors affecting on setup and activity of the incubators in Humanities at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    soleimani, mahbobe    2013-10-23
147    Investigating the Effects of perceptions of organizational politics and personality characteristics on knowledge sharing through employee,s job satisfaction. Case Study: Employees Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    ahi, roghayeh    2013-07-02
148    Investigating the moderating effect of organizational justice on the relationship between career growth and affective, normative and continuance organizational commitment. The case of: Khorasan regional electricity company    M.Sc.    bazrgari, maliheh    2013-06-25
149    Design & Evaluation of the purchase process improvement scenarios by employing business process re-engineering, simulation & cost-benefit analysis    M.Sc.    akhgari, mohammad    2013-06-25
150    The impact of fraud prevention on attitudinal loyalty mediated by the relationship quality (case of: customers of Eghtesad Novin Bank-Mashhad branches)    M.Sc.    naghd ali, masoumeh    2013-06-11
151    THE effet of CRM on customer satisfaction with the mediation role of innovation    M.Sc.    baradaran mohsenian, seyed mojtaba    2013-06-09
152    investigation of the relationship between perceived organizational entrepreneurship and customer satisfaction with the mediating role of organizational learning in islamic azad university of mashhad    M.Sc.    borzooei, reza    2013-06-09
153    Investigating the role of organizational culture as a moderator in relationship between implementing accreditation and hospital performance    M.Sc.    nourian shirvan, reihaneh    2013-05-07
154    Investigating the Critical Success Factors of Information Technology Management; the case of IT and software enterprises in Mashhad    M.Sc.    eskandari, sadegh    2013-05-05
155    The Investigation of the Mediating Role of Valence of System Suggestion in Relationship Between Interactional Justice and Motivation to Submit Suggestion    M.Sc.    Heshmati, Mohamad Rasoul    2013-04-30
156    Investigating the role of knowledge absortive capacity as a mediator in the relationship between    M.Sc.    SHAHMIRI LAKEH, ELHAM    2013-03-12
157    investigation of organizational entrepreneurship effect on performance in gavermental organizational in mashhad    M.Sc.    Yazdi Moghadam, javad    2013-03-03
158    The Impacts of Knowledge Management on Organizational Performance with the Mediating role of Customer Relationship Management and Innovation (Case of Study; Shiraz’ Private Banks)    M.Sc.    Najafi, Milad    2013-02-19
159    Designing the market future scenarios of mahan sepahan steel company    M.Sc.    HAJAGHAMEMAR, HAMED    2013-02-05
160    the mediating role of marketing capability on the relationship between strategic orientations and performance of chain stores in iran    M.Sc.    baghishani, maryam    2012-12-09
161    the mediating role of market orienttation and enterpreneurship orienttation on the relationship between top managment viewpoint and performance of govermental banks    M.Sc.    Rezvani, Hamid Reza    2012-12-09
162    Relationship between critical success factors in front-end phase of product development and market success(case of food industry of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    hassanzadeh rahn, ashraf    2012-11-14
163    Impact of TQM and organizational learning on innovation performance    M.Sc.    kheirabadi, omid    2012-10-16
164    A framework for assessing and developing innovation capability through system dynamics approach    M.Sc.    bachari salehi, mohammad hasan    2012-07-03
165    Investigating the effect of environmental and personality factors on individual creativity    M.Sc.    Pakravan, Rayhaneh    0000-00-00